Warriors of Waterdeep


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Guide a group of adventurers as they face all the dangers in the largest city on the Sword Coast in Warriors of Waterdeep, an RPG set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Warriors of Waterdeep has a turn-based combat system that always takes place in rectangular scenes, in which you can move your characters with relative freedom. Each character has a few different abilities, and although learning to use each one skillfully is vital, paying attention to your character's attack range, and that of your opponent, is absolutely crucial during combat.

You'll begin your adventure in Warriors of Waterdeep with just two heroes, a cleric and a wizard, in your party. As you advance in the story, however, you can unlock many more new characters: barbarians, warriors, scouts, rogues, etc. And of course, each character has his or her own unique abilities.

Warriors of Waterdeep is an RPG with an original combat system and spectacular graphics. On top of that, the game's setting is a real gem that Dungeon and Dragons fans -and especially Forgotten Realms fans- are sure to love.
By Nelson

Android 5.0 or higher required